Blue Skies Lie Ahead

The view from my Dad’s house at sunset. Lonely, but beautiful nonetheless.

School and education are an important aspect in the lives of millions of children all over the world. In fact, going to school is almost a given in most places; it feels just like a normal part of life. But- what happens if that way of life is adjusted? With online school coming into play for almost every kid worldwide, stress and depression are becoming more prominent. This causes a severe downfall in grades, and motivation. 

Personally, my experience has become increasingly difficult. I find it very hard to get out of bed and actually do things, and assignments are much harder to complete/focus on when not in a classroom environment. Work also begins to pile up. Usually, one can get work done in different classes at different points in the day. Now, there’s not a specifically set schedule for students, therefore causing confusion and more anxiety/pressure. However, I do appreciate the help that teachers offer and the guidelines that they do give us. 

From this experience, I’m definitely learning more about time management and independence. I’ve started to realize my time management skills aren’t as good as I thought they were- but, luckily I have friends to help me over facetime and text. I’ll definitely be better at organizing work and schedules when I get back to school, and I feel as if online school will help a lot of students to realize what they need to work on as well. 

Although, I am concerned that kids and teens with mental health issues are going to have a lot of trouble with education now more than ever. They may have just been getting out of a rough patch and finally getting their grades up and meeting new friends, but now that they’re isolated, they could sink back into that same kind of empty hole that they were in before. I think It’s awesome that we have technology to connect people now, and the proper medicine. This would be very divergent if we were to be living in the 1300s- the century in which the black plague killed 50 million people. (Basically half of Europe.). And school isn’t the only thing this pandemic is affecting. Even everyday life has now suddenly come to a halt. I sit at home all day missing my friends and hoping things will be okay in time for what was going to be one of the best summers of my life. I wonder if people in the 20th century would think you were crazy if you told them we’d all be wearing masks in the grocery stores now. 

However, on the bright side of this bump in the road that is history/life, humans are starting to see how the world could be a little different with less pollution and less people running about. For example, in China you can now see blue skies for the first time in ages due to the lack of cars on the streets.Could this be a sign for blue skies that lie ahead? And It’s not just China; In Italy, dolphins are starting to swim into the canals because there aren’t as many boats. Even I, myself, have started to notice that the grass is growing greener and fuller in the park that I live by because there are less kids trampling all over it whilst kicking a ball around. Who knows if this quarantine is an entirely good or bad thing for society, but oh boy, I can’t wait to see where this leads the world.

Published by Olivia Leppla

Hello! I'm Olivia Leppla, the author of this blog. I'm a student in 9th grade at Greenwich Highschool in Connecticut. I enjoy drawing, music, and I love almost every animal on the planet with my whole heart. (Except for spiders). I'm fourteen years old and play acoustic/electric guitar. Another thing that intrigues me is astronomy and all things outside our tiny planet. I like poetry and fantasy/sci-fi novels.

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